Management Services

Administrative Services

These services include but the collection of all property revenue, mailing of late statements, attendance at regular board meetings, complete maintenance of building records.

Financial Services

These services include the maintenance of account histories for each resident/owner; maintenance of separate bank accounts, and preparation of customized monthly operating statements.

Building Maintenance

Our services include 24 hour emergency response, fully staffed maintenance personnel for property repairs including carpentry, door & lock work, HVAC, painting, landscaping, electrical, plumbing and masonry work. In addition to our own staff, we work with a number of local contractors. We also offer separate services for unit owners that include unit repairs ranging from painting to complete bathroom and kitchen renovations. Our maintenance department will prepare a profile list of maintenance and upgrades needed for your property. Property Managers make regular visits to the property to identify issues.

Long Term Financial & Maintenance Planning

We will develop both a short and long term strategy for your property. The short term strategy is typically less than six months and involves cost containment measures to control present and future expenditures. The second component involves long term planning. We examine all major systems of the building to determine the estimated life and future replacement costs. We develop annual and term budgets for the property to allow owners to make incremental payments for the purpose of funding reserves to handle these costs.

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